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We are a community of people living and serving in several different towns and cities in southeastern Minnesota. We gather to worship at a beautiful, rural location near Sargeant, MN, about 25 miles southwest of Rochester. We relish our "country church" feel and location with regular activities such as outdoor worship, hayrides, bonfires, and picnics. We enjoy getting to know each other and God more deeply through worship, learning together and serving our community and world in many and various ways.

Many  of our congregation members' grandparents and great-grandparents were founders of the church, naming the church after the region in Norway from which they had emigrated. A stable once lined the property to the east where they would harness their horses and horse-drawn wagons while the people gathered for worship. They and so many others who helped build and shape our community of faith through the generations are with us still in the peaceful, tree-lined cemetery to the west. Inspired by their courage and commitment, we carry on their mission to share God's love and pass on the faith to new generations.

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